The Fat Dachshund Pet Sitting

In Home Pet Care & Complete House Checking

From your pet's increased happiness and reduced health risks to your own priceless peace of mind, The Fat Dachshund Full Service Pet Sitting is a great way to care for your pet's while you are away. 

We provide complete house checking and security for your home as well.  Our courtesy home services include: bringing in the mail / newspapers / packages, alternating lights, setting out trash, opening & closing blinds, watering plants, etc.  We can write a visit log for you to read, or if you prefer, we can text or email you about the visits, including photos!

Below you will find a list of our Full Service Pet Sitting options. Please keep in mind that this list is not all-inclusive and we can personalize a service plan that will meet your requirements.  You choose the amount of time and the type of service you want (feeding, play time, dog walk, scooping litter boxes, brushing, TLC, etc.).  Except for boarding, we do NOT charge a fee for each pet -- we simply charge for the time that we spend caring for your pets.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are base prices and may vary based on location (for visits), age, aggressiveness and whether or not your pet is housebroken (for boarding), etc..

Regular Visit - Minimum 30 Minutes                         

$15.00 per visit*  

  • Our most popular choice.  Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, walks, and play, maintaining your pet's daily routine. 

Extended Visit - Minimum 45 Minutes         

$20.00 per visit*    

  • Best for long walks, multiple pet homes, and pets with special diets or special needs maintaining your pet's daily routine.

Hourly Care - Minimum 60 to 70 Minutes  

$25.00 per hour*  

  • Choose 1 hour increments of care.  Good for many multiple pet homes, supervised feedings, walks, and play, maintaining your pet's daily routine. 

Purrrfect Care - Minimum 20 Minutes                         

$12.00 per visit* 

  • Designed for cats only. Your pet will receive one visit per day for fresh food, water, litter box maintenance, playtime, and lots of TLC.

Easy Keeper Visit - Minimum 15 Minutes

$10.00 per visit*  

  • Designed for pocket pets, small animals, fish, birds, and reptiles.  Your pet will receive one visit per day for fresh food, water, veggies, special diets, etc.

Boarding (In Our Home)                         

Dogs $25.00 per night, second dog $15.00 Cats $15.00 per night.  Small caged animals $12.00 per night.

·      Your dog would stay in our kitchen, living room and great room the majority of the time. They would have walks, time on the deck, several potty breaks in our fenced back yard throughout the day and evening and some living room play (with or without The Fat Dachshund) and snuggle time too. We will need the following: proof of current vaccinations (including Bordetella), food, medicine, collar with I.D. tags, leash. Optional items include:  bed or bedding, toys, bowls, treats, clothing with your smell on it, and anything else to make your dog’s stay more comfortable and enjoyable.  Small and medium dogs only, nothing over 30 pounds.

·         Your cat would either roam the house or stay in our “Cat Room”.  This is a very large area with cat toys, pillows, chairs, a radio, potty box and food and water.

·         Any other pets would stay wherever is most appropriate within our home.


Early and Late Visits

Dropoffs and pickups before 8 am will be considered an Early visit and have an additional $5 charge.  Likewise, dropoffs and pickups after 8 pm will be a Late visit and have an additional $5 charge.


Overnight Stay (In Your Home) - 8:00 PM - 7:00 AM

$70.00 per night*  

  • Overnight care in your home is available on a limited basis on most occasions.  One (1) Regular visit during the day is included in Overnight Care.  Additional visits will be charged at the normal per visit rates.

*No extra charges for multiple pets



Nail Trims for existing clients only $5.00!

Socialization $Free: We can also bring the Fat Dachshund along (if requested and when he is available) with us on our visit to play with your dog!

Holiday Charge - $5.00 extra/visit 

(Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day)

Holiday Charge - $10.00 extra/visit  

(New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve/Day)



We accept cash, checks, credit cards and Paypal.

Full payment is required in advance unless an alternate arrangement is agreed upon.


New Clients / Initial Consultation / Meet & Greet

This is when you will decide if you are comfortable leaving your home and pets in our care, and we will decide if we are comfortable caring for your pets and home. Please schedule this meeting as far in advance as possible.  Forms will be completed and signed during the meeting (it usually takes 15-30 minutes). This meeting is only required for the first booking, and future bookings can be handled over the phone or through text, email, etc.

Before we begin services, we are provided with a copy of your home keys, which are stored safely and securely. We will test all keys — at our free pet consultation — and make sure we understand your instructions for activating/deactivating your alarm system. If you allow us to keep or make a copy of your key, thus avoiding extra trips to return the key and/or pick up the key for future visits, there will be NO charge. Otherwise, there is a $5 fee for each key trip (after the initial consultation).  You may also drop off and pick up your key at our home if you prefer. Even if you have a garage door opener, we will need a key for backup in the event there is a power outage or other garage door problem. Please make sure your locks & door are in good working condition. 

Our key rings have no identifying information. During each visit, our pet sitters will follow a guide of instructions from you to ensure that we keep your home safe and in the same condition that you left it to us.

*Discounted multiple session packages and multi-day/week vacation packages are also available, ask for details!



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